Musically innovative, Peter Lecten has a sound that immediately engages the listener with clear vocals and memorable melodies while using the fiddle and dobro for his brand of Country Gospel music.Peter Lecten

From beginning to end, his first album Get On Board is worship of the Lord; you'll want to listen to his songs over and over.

Peter's second album, Gods Love Touched My Heart is a collection of some of the best songs Peter has written. These fully-produced songs were done by some of the best, most-talented musicians in Country Gospel today (see the Photo Gallery). The song "Let The Cowboy Ride" was inspired by two family members who love horses and cattle. The unusual sounding song "Jesus Traveled In A Desert Land" has a middle-eastern feel to it. "When you have good lyrics, music, and musicians together in one place, it can turn into something beautiful. I thank God for the opportunity to serve him this way," Peter said.

Peter writes and sings all of his own songs and has been playing guitar most of his life.

He is currently living in the hill country of Texas.