Peter Lecten - Get On Board

"Get On Board"

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1. Play Clip Get On Board  [Buy Single ]

2. Play Clip Let The Lord Have All Of You  [Buy Single ]

3. Play Clip Look Into The Night Sky  [Buy Single ]

4. Play Clip I'll Call On You  [Buy Single ]

5. Play Clip Kept On Falling  [Buy Single ]

6. Play Clip Beyond The Jordan River  [Buy Single ]

7. Play Clip Jesus How I Love To Think Of You  [Buy Single ]

8. Play Clip Asking Forgiveness From You  [Buy Single ]

9. Play Clip In Heaven With Me  [Buy Single ]

10. Play Clip Walk Streets Of Glory  [Buy Single ]

11. Play Clip Only Believers  [Buy Single ]

12. Play Clip His Life  [Buy Single ]

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Peter Lecten - Get On Board



Peter Lecten in the studio"God's Love Touched My Heart"

1. Play Clip God's Love Touched My Heart

2. Play Clip The Lord's Hand In This

3. Play Clip I Am Love, I Have Love For You

4. Play Clip The Lord Is Coming Soon

5. Play Clip Let The Cowboy Ride

6. Play Clip The Lord Is My Driver

7. Play Clip We Were Born From Above

8. Play Clip Precious Spirit Of The Lord

9. Play Clip Glory To Our God In Heaven

10. Play Clip Jesus Traveled In A Desert Land

11. Play Clip He Paid The Price

12. Play Clip I Am Who I Am


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